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About ​LeSha Thorpe

My career has been keenly focused in the corporate space for let's say the last few years. I have worked for some pretty amazing companies and people (gonna drop a name now, #WarrenBuffet).

I've been blessed with many opportunities over my career and found my way to a position in just about every industry possible; Banking, Retail, Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, Higher Education, Healthcare and Aviation.

With many of my roles, my main concentration has always been "cash". Yep, I'll admit it, I really like the stuff. Not only do I like my own, but I really like helping others with theirs. If you know me you know I'm frugal (#understatement). If there is a discount to be had, I'm relentless until I find it (note there is ALWAYS a discount). Cash is King always has been, always will be.

As I reflect on my illustrious career (yep, that would be my ego talking), I realize one key industry I seem to have overlooked in my quest is Real Estate! Sure, I've dabbled here and there, personal homes, rentals and a few commercial properties, even doing a 1031 like kind exchange back when they weren't all the rage.


I'm proud to announce my venture into Real Estate with 365 Sage / Red 1 Realty! We offer professional Real Estate services for both Commercial & Residential. How? Sharing our expertise by providing sage advice to Buyers and Sellers.

So where did you come up with the 365 Sage thing you may ask? Long ago when reading up on the Oracle of Omaha (#WarrenBuffet) (I'm shameless, aren't I?), the article mentioned him being a sage…hmmm the name stuck. Oh and also I'm a devoted motorcyclist, you guessed it my road name is "Sage".

Sage defined…Sageⁿ /sāj/: regarded for wisdom, experience and sound advice (little bit of ego goes a long way). 365…days in the year we are available, get it now?…365 Sage…how’s that for clever?

I've negotiated billions of dollars in deals over the course of my career; asset backed securitizations, loan syndications, bonds, derivates, swaps, commercial paper, foreign exchange, leases, and oodles of contracts, let me use my expertise to support you in making cash your king as well. Alright, let's do this!

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